7 Things Your Realtor Wish You Knew


I know what you think, being a realtor is nothing but fun and glamor. I won’t lie that going into people’s homes is pretty great, but there are a few things that we realtors would love for you to know.


cropped-maplogo-web.pngPrice to sell. I know your house is amazing and it has all the bells and whistles. If we do not price it correctly, it will sit. The longer your house sits, the less likely it is to get fair market value. If it sits for 30 or 60 days, buyers tend to think something is wrong and  typically their offers will come in lower. If you price it correctly from day one, you might even get a little healthy competition and put you back in the drivers seat.

cropped-maplogo-web.pngPrequalified and Preapproved are different things. Serious buyers are “preapproved.” This means the bank has verified their financial information and have officially applied for a loan. “Prequalified” buyers simply called a lender and said “I have good credit and I have this much in the bank.” A lender gives him what he can expect to borrow without researching the details.

cropped-maplogo-web.pngSellers sometimes don’t understand the importance of little details. Buyers need to feel welcomed and loved when they walk into your home. A mess or cluttered room puts a buyer off instantly. Try to keep a good smell, proper temperature and a few lights on. You want the buyers to want to stay awhile.

cropped-maplogo-web.pngAll brokers aren’t rich. Yes, there are many that are doing very well. Most are living seller to seller or buyer to buyer, and some renter to renter. After marketing fees, licensing fees, commision splits, taxes and education, we can be left short.

cropped-maplogo-web.pngA good chunk of our work goes unnoticed. If you feel that your broker isn’t working hard because you don’t see it, please know work is going on. There can be hundreds of emails, calls and texts to make sure everything goes on without a hitch. We sometimes even have to roll up our sleeves and do manual labor to get to the closing table.

cropped-maplogo-web.pngYour realtor doesn’t know everything. Shocking, but true. I think the most powerful phrase I can say is “I don’t know.” A good realtor doesn’t want to give wrong information, but it is key to go and find that answer and report back to your client.

cropped-maplogo-web.pngBe prepared. When we sign a listing agreement, be prepared. As your realtor, I know how important the first week is. I will be on full turbo mode because the clock is ticking. So be prepared. I will work around your schedule as much as possible, but there may be a random buyer that needs to see your home short notice. Be prepared. My job is to get results. Did I mentioned be prepared?


When it comes down to it, your broker is there to help. Trust that he or she has the knowledge and experience to do so.

-joshua t. novy

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