NOW that’s a LOTTO money!

I know, I know … you can’t go anywhere right now without someone asking if you are going to win the $1.3 gabillion dollars or however much it is now. I can’t lie – I am kind of obsessed with it myself. I once read a book that positive affirmations would make things come true. So, each morning I wake up and tell myself I am going to win the Lotto and no one can stop me. Well, not true. I’m guessing the better odds of me getting hit by lighting while drowning being eaten by an alligator could stop me. On the other hand, what if it did happen?

Could you really imagine your life changing overnight like that? I know it wouldn’t be all easy, but man, would it be nice! Would you stop working? I think I would definitely take a nice vacation, but I wouldn’t stop working. I love being a REALTOR and helping others find what they are looking for. That look after a closing is priceless! Well, there is usually a price associated with it, but you get my drift. I think I would instead focus to help bring up my community and people around me – as much as I would like to blow all of it on part ownership in the Chicago Cubs. I see a lot of people with negative thoughts and outlooks. I’m not saying money alone would change that, but I think it could help brighten people’s day from time to time.

If I don’t win, I honestly hope you do. Yes, you – the person sitting at home or on the train reading my blog. I also hope that by reading this you believe it game you some magical power of encouragement to win and you remember my name. Then when you go to buy your many, many homes in the Chicago area. you call me. I think that is the least you can do, after all, I helped you win a billion dollars.

Good luck, and I am looking forward to your call!

-joshua t. novy

Novy Knows Chicago

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