Is Your Tank Empty?

Chicago Auto Show

I don’t know where I want this one to go. But I have heard a lot negative things associated with REALTORS. That and I just got home from the Chicago Auto Show.

I know we have all heard ‘Caveat emptor’ or Buyer Beware. Either that or a REALTOR is like a used car salesman trying to talk you into something that you don’t want. **Not that I have anything against used car salesmen. I am sure they are very hard working individuals that give their clients great service.

In this day in age of regulations and training requirements, REALTORS have to be at the top of their game. Don’t get me wrong – like any profession, you might get a clunker. I completely pride myself on customer service above anything else. That is the number one rule and I follow it with a passion. Trust me – I have lost bigger commissions, deals and nights of sleep over it!

For my clients, I have been a REALTOR, therapist, carpenter, window cleaner, snow shoveler, mechanic, travel agent, alarm clock, party planner, plumber, interior designer, color coordinator, walking calendar and cheerleader.  Sometimes I have to rotate the tires and get my hands dirty.

I know buying or selling a home can be a stressful event in one’s life. It’s like the gas light going on with 5 miles until the next gas station. I know that you feel like if I ask questions, that means that I have started the process. Don’t. If you have questions, concerns, thoughts or maybe just curious about the market, reach out! This is what we do and we love to talk about it. Maybe a little too much.

At the end of the day, I want to see you with a smile on your face and hair left on your head. Let me take that stress. Trust me – I don’t have much hair left on my head, so that should prove I’m good at it. If you have been sitting at a red light for a while, give me a call when it switches to green.

-joshua t. novy

I'm here to help. Novy Knows Chicago
I’m here to help. Novy Knows Chicago

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