HGTV Makes it Look TOO Easy


In the same week, I have had a family member and client say “Oh, real estate isn’t too hard … just look at HGTV.” Then, I have to politely explain the real estate process from the beginning to the end.

First off, don’t get me wrong, I love HGTV. I have watched and enjoyed a lot of their programming for a long time. I mean, who hasn’t dreamed about buying an island property or moving to Europe for no apparent reason? I mean the ‘Property Brothers’ seem to never get it wrong!

I just wanted to clear up a few misconceptions:

  1. The house isn’t always vacant, super clean and perfect.
  2. Sometimes the lockbox key is missing or the listing agent is running late. (Actually this happens more than you think.)
  3. Sometimes there is actually traffic!
  4. There is a huge gap they are missing between “Let’s pick house number 3!” and catching up to them after living in their home for 30 days.
  5. Not every offer is accepted. I haven’t seen an episode yet that the offer isn’t accepted and they have to start over.
  6. It doesn’t show the stressed out emails back and forth between the 2 realtors at 1 in the morning, negotiating who will clean the chimney.
  7. I have never shown 3 properties and said “Well call me when you pick one!”

Obviously, for time purposes they can’t show every detail of the transaction. I just wish they would show the challenges behind the deal a little more. Don’t get me wrong – if they called me tonight, I would jump on the show in two seconds. If it would make you feel any better I will bring my own camera crew along to all of our showings.

I have found the exact moment you think the deal is smooth and nothing can go wrong is right when the rug gets pulled from underneath you. Let me hold the other side of the rug so you don’t slip!

I am here for you.

-joshua t. novy

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