Is Winter the BURRFECT Time to Sell?

As you know anytime of the year can be stressful to sell your home, but winter might just give you the edge you need. Here are a few reasons why winter is just as hot as summer in the Chicago real estate market!

  • Buyers who go outside during these cold months are serious buyers. There isn’t much lookie looing on a freezing cold day. These buyers want and need a home.
  • January is relocation month. It’s when companies release their new budget and marketing plan. OR companies just like to move people in the winter. Either way it can be a win win for the seller!
  • INVENTORY! If you have a good listing. Chances are you will be towards the top of the buyers list. Inventory tends to take a big dip in winter months = less competition.
  • Loans may be processed quicker in winter. With lower inventory means lower closes means lenders could be bored. All could equal a faster/smoother close for both parties.
  • Happy Buyers – let me explain. The holiday months tend to make the biggest grinch feel all fuzzy. Buyers could be open to letting little things slide to get everything done before Santa arrives!
  • With tax uncertainty, it’s always a good idea for a buyer to close by the end of the year to avoid any new tax regulations…
  • Special attention from your realtor. This doesn’t apply to me because I give my clients special attention all year!

If any of the this interest you. Feel free to reach out! I am always here to chat over a warm gingerbread latte!


Joshua Novy - TeleQuest Realty
Premier Chicago Realtor – TeleQuest Realty

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