A Guide for Sellers & Buyers

For Sellers:

1. Meet with Joshua (Novy Knows Chicago) Listing Appointment

  • Walk through sellers home
  • Give Seller an overview of market conditions
  • Present CMA Results to Seller. This will include Comparables, Current Listings and Solds
  • Discuss Goals with Seller
  • Explain Multiple Listing Service and other websites
  • Present and discuss master marketing plan.
  • Review and explain Listing Contract and obtain seller’s signature

2. After a signed agreement is in place

  • Measure and review floor plans
  • Confirm lot size
  • Prepare showing instructions based on seller time frame
  • Verify Association Fees if this applies
  • Order a copy of Homeowner Association bylaws if this applies
  • Calculate average utility from the last 12 months of bills
  • Obtain an extra set of keys for showings
  • Arrange for installation of signage
  • Assist seller with Seller’s Disclosure forms
  • Schedule photoshoot and Virtual tour

3. Advertise the listing

  • Write, Proofread and Enter into MLS Listing Database
  • Confirm listing is now on Trulia, Zillow and Realtor.com
  • Create print and Internet ads from seller’s input
  • Prepare mailing and contact list
  • Upload listing to broker and office website
  • Create Facebook, Twitter, Instagram LinkedIn and Craigslist ads (Posted Daily)
  • Create and mail “Just Listed” email to past clients and contact base (over 10k addresses)
  • Mail Out “Just Listed” notice to neighborhood residents
  • Add as “Featured Property” to our emailed monthly newsletter (over 10k addresses)
  • Price changes or updates will promptly be conveyed to all internet groups
  • Schedule showings with Realtors and any internet leads
  • Discuss any and all feedback along with internet traffic (weekly or requested)
  • Constant communication with Seller regarding listing

4. Offer and Contract

  • Receive and review ALL Purchase Offers submitted by buyers or their agents
  • Review each offer with seller. Explain pros and cons of offer
  • Contact buyer’s agent to inquire of buyers’ qualifications and discuss offer
  • Deliver Seller’s Disclosure to buyer’s agent if not already available
  • Call buyer’s Loan Officer to confirm buyer is pre-qualified
  • Obtain pre-qualified letter if not already provided
  • Negotiate all offers on seller’s behalf
  • Set time limit for loan approval and Home Inspection
  • Prepare and submit any counteroffers or acceptance
  • Deliver complete contract to Seller’s attorney
  • Record and promptly deposit buyer’s earnest money in office escrow account
  • Change status in MLS and Internet to “Sale Pending”
  • Follow loan processing through underwriter (weekly check-in with Lender)

5. Home Inspection/Appraisal

  • a. Coordinate buyer’s inspection
  • Review inspector’s report
  • Send full inspection report to seller’s attorney
  • Schedule Appraisal
  • Provide comparable sales to Appraiser
  • Follow- Up on Appraisal
  • Assist seller in any questions about appraisal

6.Closing Duties

  • Coordinate closings process with buyer’s agent and lender
  • Confirm both sides have all forms and information to close sale
  • Confirm closing date and confirm closing location
  • Schedule Final Walk-Thru with buyer’s agent prior to closing
  • Request final closing figures from seller’s attorney
  • Review all closing documents carefully
  • Submit earnest money deposit check from escrow account
  • Change MLS Status to “Sold” along with all internet marketing
  • Attend closing with seller

7. After Closing

  •  Answer any additional questions sell might have
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